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Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Lowlands chords

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(most chords receive 4 beats)

I heard a [D] song that was [C] taught to a [D] baby
and it [A7] made the mountain [D] sing
I knew a [D] gift that was [C] given to my [D] lady
it was [A7] hidden in a [D] dream

and there's a [G] light in the [D] lowlands
and a [G]  river that [D] runs [Bm] so [A7] clean

I'm a [Am7] poor [G] man feelin' [D] lazy
and the [Am7] lowlands are [G] callin' my [D] name
I knew a [D] man who [C] said he was a [D] stranger
'cause his [A7] heart he could not [D] trust

I knew a [D] man who could [C] not face the [D] dangers
even [A7] though he knew he [D] must
and it's [G] hard in the [D] lowlands
and the [G] grasses will [D] turn  to  [A7] rust
but the [Am7] sun [G] is a [D] fountain
[Am7] flowing through the [G] lowland's [D] dust
D (endriff)  Am7   G    D(strum once and hold)
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