Paddy Reilly - Flower Of Sweet Strabane chords

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Flower of Sweet Strabane chords
Irish Traditional

Capo I

Bm  A  Bm

   Bm             A                                       Bm
If I were King of Ireland's Isle and had all things at my will
                  A                              Bm
I'd roam for recreation and I'd seek for comfort still
                    A                             Bm
The comfort I would ask for, so that you may understand
                       A                               Bm
Is to win the heart of Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane

    Bm                A                           Bm
Her cheeks they are a ruby red, her hair a lovely brown
                        A                             Bm
And o'er her milk white shoulders it carelessly hangs down
                   A                                 Bm
She is the fairest creature and the pride of all her clan
                     A                                Bm
And my heart is captivated by the flower of Sweet Strabane

     Bm               A                             Bm
Well I've been in the Phoenix Park and in Killarney fair
                    A                               Bm
The lovely glens of Antrim and the winding banks of Clare
                  A                       Bm
In all my earthly travels I never yet met one
                           A                                   Bm
That could compare, I do declare, with the Flower of Sweet Strabane

    Bm             A                                  Bm
But since I cannot gain her love, no joy there is for me
                   A                              Bm
And I must seek forgetfulness in lands across the sea
                    A                              Bm
Unless she cares to follow me, I swear by my right hand
                      A                                      Bm
McKenna's face you'll ne'er more see, my Flower of Sweet Strabane

       Bm                A                              Bm
So its farewell to sweet Derry Quay, New Mills and Waterside
                       A                     Bm
I'll sail out o'er the ocean, whatever may betide
                    A                             Bm
I'll sail away from Derry Quay out by the Isle of Man
                         A                               Bm
And I'll bid farewell to Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane

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