Palisades - Bury It Acoustic tab

Hello guys,
This is my tab for Palisades Bury It Acoustic. I saw the need for this on youtube and 
decided to put it up for you. If you have any questions on the best chord variation or the 
tab hit me up on youtube, my name is Elloboppit.

Intro and Chorus:
Dbm7, BMaj, A6, AMaj, B7(0:00-0:50)
( I like to invert the sixth over to the A string on the A6 chord, so it looks like 5476XX/0476XX )
-Verse goes as such, single strums:
Dbm7, Bmaj, A6, AMaj x1
Dbm7, Bmaj, A6, AMaj,B7 x1
(0:50-1:10) Chorus(1:10-1:58)
-Outro(ascending): AMaj,BMaj,Dbm7 (2:29-3:05)
Palisades FTW!

The articulations are not included but listen to the song and you can catch them.

Also in the Verse there is a synthesized part you can play on the guitar it goes as such.
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