Panic At The Disco - Folkin Around tab

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The other guy that tabbed this did a pretty good job and i agree with most
of it. But i just had to change it. So, hopefully this is better.

Tuning: Standard

G- - - 320033
Em - - 022000
Dsus2- x00230
C- - - 032010

G           Em           Dsus2     Em
Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two

G                    Em                     Dsus2
Where summers lasted longer than, longer than we do

      C              Em                Dsus2          Em
When nothing really mattered except for me to be with you

       C            Dsus2             G
But in time we all forgot and we all grew

         C             Em
Your melody sounds as sweet

       Dsus2              Em
as the first time it was sung

        C               G            Dsus2
With a little bit more character for show

    C                Em               Dsus2                Em
And by the time you father's heard of all the wrong you've done

          C               Dsus2   G        Em            G
Well i'm putting out the lantern find your own way back home

 G                Em           C                 G
If i've forgotten how to sing before i sung this song

      G            Em              Dsus2             
I'll write it all across the wall, before my job is done

         C              Em          Dsus2          Em
And i'll even have the courtesy of admitting i was wrong

        C           Dsus2              G
As the final words before im dead and gone

              C         Em
You've never been so devine

     Dsus2         Em
In accepting your defeat

          C               G            Dsus2
And i've never been more scared to be alone

    C           Em               Dsus2
If love in not enough to put my enemies to sleep

         C               Dsus2   G         Em          G
then im putting out the lantern find your own way back home.

This is a short song. But i absolutely love it.
Thanks to Brendon. :)
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