Paprika Korps - From Soul To Soul tab

Paprika Korps - From Soul To Soul
Kolejny Krok (1999)

Solo guitar:                           Bass (whole song, without intro ):
   Dm                Am                                        
e|-----------------|-----------------|   G|---------------------------|
B|-3-3-3-3-6-6-3-6-|-----------------|   D|---------------------------|
G|-----------------|-2-2-2-2-5-5-2-5-|   A|-5-5-5-3-5--5-3-0--0-0-0-3-|
D|-----------------|-----------------|   E|---------------------------|
E|-----------------|-----------------| Rhythmic guitar:
                                            Dm          Am   
Then:                                    e|-x-x-5-x-x-5-x-x-5-x-x-5-|
   Dm                Am                  B|-x-x-6-x-x-6-x-x-5-x-x-5-|
e|-----------------|---------------|     G|-x-x-7-x-x-7-x-x-5-x-x-5-|
B|-3-3-3-3-6-6-3-6-|-5-5--5-5--1-1-|     D|-x-x-7-x-x-7-x-x-7-x-x-7-|
G|-----------------|---------------|     A|-x-x-5-x-x-5-x-x-7-x-x-7-|
D|-----------------|---------------|     E|-x-x-5-x-x-5-x-x-5-x-x-5-| x4
E|-----------------|---------------|   You can also play it using "classical"
                                       chords (best for beginners):
At the end:                                 Dm          Am
   Dm                Am                  e|-x-x-1-x-x-1-x-x-0-x-x-0-|
e|-----------------|-5-3---3--5-3---|    B|-x-x-3-x-x-3-x-x-1-x-x-1-|
B|-3-3-3-3-6-6-3-6-|-----6--------3-|    G|-x-x-2-x-x-2-x-x-2-x-x-2-|
G|-----------------|----------------|    D|-x-x-0-x-x-0-x-x-2-x-x-2-|
D|-----------------|----------------|    A|-------------x-x-0-x-x-0-|
A|-----------------|----------------|    E|-------------------------|
                                       Played only on G, B and e, sounds more
My mail: tanbris  mail  ru             credible, like on CD.  

 Dm            Am     Dm          Am
From soul to soul, from mind to mind / x2
 Dm               Am     Dm               Am            
This is what i call - a real reggae sound  / x2

 Dm               Am      Dm             Am
Drown into the riddims, dive into the music / x2
    Dm                    Am
Discover how deep is a reggae sound        / x2 

Have a nice playing and listening to polish reggae (:
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