Parachute Band - Fill Me Psalm 119 chords

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Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands: Sing forth the honour of his name: 
make his praise glorious. Psalms 66:1-2

fill me/ psalm 119
tabbed by:-

verse 1
chorus – ending with C#
verse 2
chorus – ending with B
bridge - intro
chorus (3x)

intro : C#m – B (2x)
verse 1
  C#m                                B
standing in your presence, i breathe your life
  C#m                        B
leaving all behind to follow christ.
   C#m                               B
a thirst no one can quench, wells up inside.
C#m                          B
you alone can save the heart run dry.
        A	     G#m
and i call out, im crying out.

fill me to overflowing.
fill me so i am broken.
G#m	                         F#
with your call, i give my all to you.
fill me so i am changed.
fill me with heaven's ways.
G#m	                            F# (intro:C#m-B)/(bridge intro:B)
a love for all, so all men might be saved. Fill me

verse 2
C#m                          B
worlds are crying out to see your sight.
C#m	                            B
you are love and life,  my souls delight.
C#m	                 B
nations open up to your embrace,
C#m                               B
help me shine the only name that saves.

bridge intro : B- A – G#m – F#

B    A                   B
fill me so i become like you. (3x)
fill me…
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