Parachute Band - In Liberty Halleluja chords

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[Verse 1:
              Bm  E/G  A
 When my soul is weak
          D2  E             F#m7
 I sing God strengthen me
                Bm  E/G  A 
 When I find myself in need
         D2  E           F#m7 
 I sing God rescue me
              Bm    E/G   A 
 When my troubles overwhelm
         D2  E             F#m7 
 I sing God bring your peace
              Bm    E/G     A 
 Lord your one and only Son
   D2  E        F#m7 
 Is all I ever need

           D           E                F#m7 
 Hallelujah Your love has set me free
           D        E        F#m7 
 Hallelujah By your offering
        D       E           F#m7 
 Our Father In You I believe
          D      E         F#m7 
Hallelujah I stand in liberty

 [Verse 2:
         Bm   E/G     A 
 If my world comes crashing down
       D     E          F#m7 
 In Your love I'll be found
          Bm    E/G  A  
In this freedom I receive
     D    E        F#m7 
 Causes me to sing


   D     A     F#m
 I am free, free
      D     A      E     F#m
 All my chains are broken (x4)

              D     E    F#m
 Cuz' I'm free, free, free...
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