Paraless - Year Enders Parody chords

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                   YEAR ENDERS PARODY - PARALESS

By : Traiyn

KAI Chord :      (di ko lam kung anu ung tawag sa chord na 2 C/Bm ata?)

Intro: C Am F G

[C] Can it be [Am] this year's gonna end so heartless
[F] All those times [G] with you, for me was breathless. .
[C] I know [Am] that you dont know how much i cared for you
[F] Deep inside [G] it hurts more and more each day. .


[F] i [G] dont [C] know [KAI] if [Am] you love me
[F] like the [G] way [C] i [KAI] do [Am] to you
[F] please [G] dont [Em] lose your trust in [Am]me
[F] i [G] need you

Interlude: Do Verse/Intro Chords

Verse: 2
[C] i dont want to waste the [Am] times we were together
[F] coz' without you my [G] life wouldn't be any better
[C] baby you are my world [Am] and i want you to [F] know 
that [G] you mean everthing to me 

Chorus 2:
[F] and itll [G] stay [C][KAI] that [Am] way
[F] for [G] ever [C][KAI] and [Am] ever
[F] to [G] night [EM] i will [Am] fight
[F] for you and for [G] me

         Hi sa members ng PARALESS band., ^^ 
                gawa pa kau ng kanta., hehe
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