Parikrama - Am I Dreaming chords

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Song: Am I Dreaming
Band: Parikrama

E                 E
Thought I’d risen from my slumber
E                 E
As I fathom the spell I’m under

G#m      A         G#m      A
Am I dreaming…am I dreeeaaaaming?
NOTE:The Rest of the song follows the same chord pattern.

Trapped in circles all around me
close my eyes , voices surround me
Am I dreaming…am I dreaming?
Let them hope for golden signs
Aint no prisoner of my mind
Am I dreaming….am I dreaming?
So i told her , to break her consience,
with every thing that not  surrounds us
Am I dreaming…. am I dreaming?
Body's broken , its time its over,
the night is young yet far from over
Am I dreaming…. am I dreaming?
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