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Parquet Courts - N Dakota chords

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N Dakota by Parquet Courts (off of Light Up Gold)

The chord progression stays the same throughout the whole song. Corrections or 
Suggestions welcomed. 

Intro:   C   A#   F   (x4) 


C                       A# 
Train death paintings, anti-meth mural

Color the ghettos of North Dakota

C                    A#           F 
Bismark tractor association, coffee and toothpaste, This was vacation

C                                A#
I saw, while squinting, the hidden layer

In those lost-era grain elevators

C                        A#
Feudal beginnings, amber wave looseness

Post-Nordic grinning, tired and toothless

Bridge:  C   A#   F  (x2) 


C              A#                
Cigarette advertisement country

Wild and perfect, but lacking something

C                 A#
In Manitoba they called it boring

At night we hum to Canada's snoring

C                      A#
Westbound taken, exiled Texan

From a former Dutch trade encampment

C                          A#
Former slave quarters tucked by the alley

Serf population too high to tally

Outro:    C   A#    F
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