Parry Gripp - I Wanna Be A Magician chords

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I Wanna Be a Magician
Parry Gripp

G C Bm D x2

        G       Bm
I wanna be, a magician
     Em           G
And study at Brakebills
Am                C
Wander though the hedge maze
         G              D
And cast magic missile spells

      G            Bm
Wanna go where the clock-trees
    Em             G
Are ticking in the breeze
           Am              C
'Neath the shade of Castle Whitespire
       G       D
In the laaaaaaand of
     G   G*(Gmaj7/F#)

         Em     D
Hunt the Seeing Hare and
    C        G
The Questing Beast
         Em   D
Ride the Cozy Horse with
    C            G
Its coat of velveteen
            Em            D
Charge with Ember and the Chatwins
       C       G
To the Western Sea
      Am              Em
And defeat the Watcherwoman
In the land of Fillory

[battle section]
        Em Em
        Bm Bm
        Em Em
        Bm ......

        G             Bm
You can keep New York City, 'Cause
        Em               G
there's nothing here for me.
      Am     C
Wanna be a magician
       G      Bm        D
In the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of
        G       C
        Bm      D

[outro - repeat X 10,000,000]
        G       C
I wanna be a Magician
        Bm      D

[to end]
I wanna be

    G   C   Bm  D   Em  Am  G*(Gmaj7/F#)

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