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Partisans - Arms Race chords

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Arms Race by The Partisans

INTRO:  C# slide D   Bb    A x4

All In:  repeat intro x4

C# slide D             Bb    A
          Nowhere to go dont even know my name 
         Such a long time since I played your war games 
         Dont know the rules but I can learn real fast 
         They're gonna start a nuclear blast. 

B                   B                         E              E
Join in the arms race seems allot of fun
B                  B                        E                 F#
 Fingers on the button no need to use a gun 

They play their game with a loaded dice 
Dont take no orders we just follow advice 
The politicians they make all the noise 
Theyre playing pogo with their nuclear toys now.



SOLO: over chorus chords

So when it happens we will be the first
We ll be the losers and come out worst
We ll survive and we ll pull through


C# slide D   
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