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Pat Mcgee Band - Havent Seen For Awhile tab

Intro/Verse (exact chords)

G------------------8----6------6--| (repeat until...)

I'm there by your side....
E--0-----0-------0-----|     E--0----0---0---0---| 
B--0-----0-------0-----|     B--0----0---0---0---|
G--8-----6-------6-----| X2  G--1----8---6---6---| X2
D--9-----7-------7-----|     D--2----9---7---7---|
A--9-----7-------7-----|     A--2----9---7---7---|
E--7-----5-------0-----|     E--0----7---5---0---|

that's basically the whole song... listen to it, and this is wicked easy
tabbed by jpcatch112
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