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Pat The Bunny Schneeweis - Song For A Netflix Account chords

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Intro, Post Chorus & Outro:
G Em D C x2

Verses: (same as opening)
G           Em
I lay down an awful wreck,
         D                C
Pissing out my window and smoking in bed.
The good don't die young,
          Em                 D                        C
They just haven't had time to fuck up the same as the rest of us yet.
G                 Em
I want nothing, nothing at all.
       D                  C
I'd be driving drunk if I still got drunk.
G                 Em
Rev the ignition, straight on to oblivion.
D              C
Into a void as pure as they come.

But if we aren't dead yet, then let's not live as ghosts.
If we aren't in jail, then we can leave the house.
I'll show you that there's reason to hope 
In the spray paint that's all over down town.

C                 D                       
Let's fill up our shopping carts
         G                       Em                  C
With the things we need and just roll out the front door,
         D                      Em          D  
Past the cashiers and security guards.    (woah)
C               D                    Em             D
But the magnets trip the wheel locks before we even clear the parking lot,
C            D
And take off running through the neighbors yard
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