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Patrick Park - Your Smiles A Drug tab

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Patrick Park - Your Smile's A Drug
Tuning - Capo 1st fret

   F    F   Fsus4  F    C    G    Am Fmaj7  Am   G    Em*  G

Verse 1:
          F                                   C               G
I should lay around and curse the day that I fell upon your sword
             Am  Fmaj7  Am  G  Em*  G
Cause I'm a poor           boy
           F         C    C      G      Am
And your smile is a drug that I can't afford
F**     C       G
(Repeat for Verse 2):
'Cause you’re a tongue tied talker with sleepy eyes
That always gets the last word
You're not broken
You're just tired and it shows


              Am            F              C                         G
When you're tired, acting tough, you only take two and a quarter to get f*cked up, 

              Am            F     C                          G
And when you say you're in love, you just sound like you're giving up


F     Fsus4    F     C     G    Am    Fmaj7    Am     G    Em*   G

Verse 3 - same as Verse 1 and 2:
Let's say it'll be a right, it'll be a risky bet
'Cause I'm about as good as I'm gonna get
Oh, these chains are tight
And the courage that I showed, left a long time ago
Just so you know

Repeat Chorus x2 - add C to end

*make sure to play the low G with the Em
**if you leave the high F an open E it sounds better here

Thanks to David for help with the lyrics
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