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Patsy Cline - Lifes Railway To Heaven tab

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tabbed by Ed Yaekle
        D       A7       D                 G              D
Life is like, a mountain railroad, with an Engineer who's brave
A7      D         A7     D                 E7            A7
We must make, the run successful, from the cradle to the grave
A7        D           A7        D
Watch the curves, the fills and tunnels
D     G             D
Never falter, never fail
A7        D      A7      D
Keep your hand, upon the throttle
D               A7      D
And your eyes, upon the rail

D          G                 D
Oh Blessed Savior, thou will guide us
D                     E7       A7
'Till we reach, God's blissful shore
A7        D              G    
Where the angels wait to join us
G       D        A7   D
In that great forever more

Repeat Chorus
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