Patti Smith - 1959 chords

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I think that sounds like the studio recording. I wanna take also the solo but I 
don't have it yet. Disfrutadlo!

F#m D#5 D A G#sus4
E A Bm

E      A        Bm   E        A       Bm
Listen to my story. Got two tales to tell. 
One of fallen glory. One of vanity. 
The world's roof was raging, but we were looking fine; 
'Cause we built that thing and it grew wings, 
in Nineteen-Fifty-Nine. 
E      A        Bm   E        A       Bm
Wisdom was a teapot; Pouring from above. 
Desolation angels 
Served it up with Love. [...]

Play the intro again, and the solo with the "Rest" rythm.

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