Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder chords

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Please note that the 2nd half of the chorus is DIFFERENT than previously posted versions

by Rick in Macon     Emadd9=022002
verse 1
N.C.                   Emadd9 Em
Put your head on my shoulder,
Am      D             G   Em
hold me in your arms,
Am          D             G    Em
Squeeze me, oh, so tight, show me,
Am       D        G  C  G
that you love me, too.

verse 2 
N.C.                  Emadd9 Em
Put your lips next to mine, dear.
Am        D             G   Em
Won't you kiss me once,
Am     D               G    Em  Am
Just a kiss goodnight,, you 
    D              G   C G
and I will fall in love.

Am      D       G        Em
People say that love's a game.
  Am        D           G
A game, you just can't win.
   F#7                   Bm
If there's a way, I'll find it some day,
    A7                         D 
and then, this fool will rush in.

verse 3
                    Emadd9  Em 
Put your head on my shoul..der.
Am      D          G   Em
Whisper in my ear,
Am      D             G    Em 
Words I want to hear, tell me, 
Am      D                G   Em 
tell me that you love me too. 
Am       D       G 
that you love me too. (repeat to fade)

Rick in Macon
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