Paul Baloche - Oh Our Lord chords

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For anyone who is wondering, if they heard the song from somewhere other than directly 
from the album, the song is from Paul Baloche's 2012 album, The Same Love.

   Intro: E

   Chorus (Always 2x):
          A2       E         A2       E
   Oh-Oh-Oh our Lord, Oh-Oh-Oh our Lord
         A2             C#m               B
   How majestic is your name in all of the Earth

   Verse 1:
   We behold the breaking dawn
   The light that shines over everyone
       A2             C#m             B
   We look to you, we long for you Oh Lord

   Verse 2:

   We behold the rising sun
   The earth awakes your hope has come
   we look to you, we long for you Oh Lord


   Verse 3:

   We behold the falling rain
   Like waters rise flood this place
   We reach for you; we cling to you Oh Lord


   E    A2   E

   Bridge (3x):
   Oh your name is a light in the darkness
   Oh your name is the word of truth
           E             B
   Oh your name, oh your name

   (Chorus 2x)

   (Verse 1)

   (Verse 2)

   (Chorus, soft)
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