Paul Colman - The One Thing tab

So, I don't use a pick for this, I just pick with my fingers, hitting only the four
middle strings for this whole guitar part of this song. And this is pretty much the whole
song, except for one of the "Hold Me... Hold Me..." parts later in the song. And these 
chords are just A  E  B  C#m with some hammer ons and pull offs and riffs in between. This
might not be exactly the way Paul Colman has it recorded, but playing this with it, it 
sounds really close. Enjoy!

E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
B |--0h2p0----0------0--------------------2----2--------5------5--5----|
G |--2--------2------1--------------------2h4--4--------4h6----6--6p4--|
D |--2--------2------2----2----6--4-------2h4--4--------6------6--6----|
A |--0--------0------2-------2-------7----2----2--------4------4--4----|
E |--------------------------------------------------------------------|
    Well here I...   am...    a river of questions...
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