Paul Colman - If I Was Jesus tab

E --0----------1---0---1p0----------|---0---------1--0-------------------|
B ----1--------1---1---------3p1----|-----1-------1--1-------------------|
G 0-----0h2--2---0----------------0|-0-----0h2--2--0---------------------|      X2
D -------------------------------------|---------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------|---------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------|---------------------------------|

                        same for verses
after " is what i'd wear" it adds in
E ---------------------------------------------------------|
B ---0------------1---0------------------------------------|
G -----0---------0----0------------------------------------|
D -0------0h2--2-----0-------------------------------------| back into the intro
A ---------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------|

chords for the chorus are Am F C and G
where it changes at forgive you and adore you it's Am F C Am F G
thats it! not hard! sounds close enough to be believed for the real thing. enjoy!
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