Paul Gilbert - Potato Head tab

Paul gilbert - Potato head

This is not entierly correct and complete :P

The song is featured in the album Acoustic Samurai.

The song starts with a open D-chord i think and you will just hit the strings and do 
pull offs on low E. I think you can here itīs something similar on the track.

After the little intro you will just play in eights.
Open G and Open C* in the vers and Cm and Gm in the ref.

You can hear how Paul lower the open C when he sings "Head" in the vers. I dont know the 
of the chord but its the same shape as an open G but with the C-note in base as in the 
C-chord :)

Vers: C G C C(something-chord)
Ref:  Cm# Gm Cm# Gm A(5th fret)

The solo is quite simple...


e--000-x-x-x--------------------------------| Solo end

After the solo i think you will have to change ocatve and i dont know what chords he 
here xD im working on it but if someone could help me feel free to do that :) 

Hope this helped :)
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