Paul Kelly - Take Your Time chords

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This song is played on acoustic but electric is ok now the the strings are 
A     D     A     D 

This needs some workin on

A     D     A     D 
Juust cant push it through

A     D     A     D

Put little mind on the matter

A     D     A     D 

Im countin on you
A     D     A     Dm

Take Your Time 

rpt chord patterns for the rest of the song except the next chorus rpts take your time x2


my mind gets so into childhood 
just want to eat and then run
says babby whats your hurry
to get there sober and done
take your time x2

there go the bells of midnight
ringin out on you
here comes the moon a risin
breain into our room

take your time x2

show me your lovin 

take your time x2

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