Paul Kelly - Taught By Experts chords

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Taught By Experts
Paul Kelly: Live May 1992

Note: The chord name Dsus is a bit of a guess, but it sounds like 2nd string-3rd 
fret plus 3rd string-2nd fret (relative to the capo). I've seen it called Asus4 
somewhere else and i have been 'taught by experts', but unfortunately i didn't learn very well. 

Capo II

G	Em	Dsus

G		C	D	G	Em	Dsus
you stand there looking so surprised
G	C	D       G	Em	Dsus
sad confusion in your eyes
Am7		    G     D
i know what you're going through
Am7            G          D
but baby i've been there too
Em     Am	D
and it hurts
		G	C	D	G	Em	Dsus
i was taught by experts

you say i play a cheating game
i never keep the rules the same
i learned a thing or two
what i learned i learned from you
and it works
		G	C	D	smooth change into bridge
i was taught by experts

Em	     C            G	D (listen for the toggles)
you put the weapon in my hand
Em   C		  G	D
you made me what i am

though everything is turned around
down is up and up is down
you got your fingers burned
your little worm has turned
in the dirt
i was taught by experts

Em	Am	D
don't it hurt

i was taught by experts 		taught by experts
                 G	C	D	   G
i was taught by experts
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