Paul Mccartney - Only Love Remains chords

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"Only Love Remains" (Prefer capo on 3rd. fret)


C                       Cdim         G7sus4 (arpeggio)
 And if you take your love away from me
 I'm only going to want it back
C                  Cdim         G7sus4 (arpeggio)
 I'll probably pretend I didn't see
     Fm/G                             Am         Fmaj7
 But knowing me, I'll want you back again, and again
          Dm9                F/G  C/G
 'Til the word has lost its mea---ning
 G   Abmaj7     C                Abmaj7    C---Abmaj7---C---Abmaj7
 And love is all that stays, Only love____remains


C                    Cdim                 G7sus4 (arpeggio)
 If you should ever feel that something's wrong
 I'm going to want to put it right
C                  Cdim         G7sus4 (arpeggio)
 To bring a happy ending to our song
      Fm/G                     Am                 
 I'll carry on believing in a love
    Fmaj7           Dm9                 F/G  C/G
 If your love was to trickle through my fin___gers
 G    Abmaj7        C                          
 What would it leave me with?
      Abmaj7    C    Abmaj7---C      Abmaj7---Ab/Bb
 Only love____remains,            Only love___________


 Cm             F9               Ab/Bb         Eb
 Old enough and strong enough to stretch the world
 Gm7               Ab6
 Taking the sand inside an oyster
 Eb                  Fm7
 changing it into a pearl
 Gm7             Ab6
 Making another magic transformation
 Eb                         F     G
 Find the right boy for the right girl


C                           Cdim           G7sus4
 When all our friends have gone and we're alone
 There's nothing left to shout about
C                  Cdim            G7sus4
 Together will explore the great unknown
     Fm/G                      Am        
 I'd say we won't be going out tonight
     Abmaj7         Dm9            F/G  C/G
 Let tonight be the one that we remem___ber
G     Abmaj7     C                          
 When love is all that stays
      Abmaj7    C            
 Only love____remains
Abmaj7                C
 When love is all that stays
      Abmaj7   C           Abmaj7---Ab/Bb    C---Eb6---Abmaj7---C/G
 Only love____remains, Only love____________remains
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