Paul Mccartney - Hope Of Deliverance chords

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chords: G,Em,Am,C

Intro:[G,Em] x2  

              G  Em     Am
I will always be hoping, hoping.
                G  Em
You will always be holding,
holding my heart in your hand,
              G    Em  G  Em
I will understand.
G                  Em        Am
I will understand, some day, one day.
You will understand always,
always, from now until then.

                Em       Am
When it will be right, I don't know.
                Em      Am
What it will be like, I don't know.
            C        Em
We live in hope of deliverance
from the darkness that surrounds us.

 C        Em          C        Em
Hope of deliverance, hope of deliverance,
 C        Em                  Am
hope of deliverance, from the darkness
        Am         G Em G Em
that surrounds us.

And I wouldn't mind knowing, knowing
that you wouldn't mind going,
going along with my plan.

 C        Am          C        Am  

100% sure :)
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