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Paul Mccartney - Hather tab

Intro:[E Esus4 E] x2
      [C#m C#m7 F# F#m Bsus4 B]
      [B A E B] [B A E B E]
      [B A E B] [B A E B E]
      [Asus4 A Am E]
      [E/Bb Esus4 Bsus4 B]
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E                    Esus4                 E
I'm gonna fly to the moon, checking outerspace
 E                 Esus4                  E
Find me a suitable plot, build myself a place.
There I will stay for a year and a day
until the cares of my life blow away,
and I will dance to her warm simple tune
        F#m        Bsus4  B
with a queen of my heart. Ummm…

End:[E Esus4 E] [E Esus4 B E]
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