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Paul Oakley - No Other God tab

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Verse 1
A                 E         F#m    E       D
   Majesty and praise ever shall belong to You
A                     E        F#m       E        D
   Every star in the sky ever lives to shine for You

(D)        F#m        E        D
No other god shall share Your fame
(D)         F#m   E         D
No other song outlive Your praise

	A                  E  F#m
	   You reign forever
	(F#m)            E  D
	Jesus my savior, my God
	(D) E                             A
	Iím living every day for Your Name
	(A)           E  F#m
	For all eternity
	(F#m)                 E   D
	Youíll be my hope and my song
	(D) E                                  D
	I lift my voice to crown You with praise

Verse 2
A                    E      F#m     E             D
   Never ending grace ever draws me to Your throne
A                          E          F#m        E        D
   Every breath that I take shall be Yours and Yours alone
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