Paul Oakley - Who Is There Like You Lifting Up My Hands chords

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Who Is There Like You

by Paul Oakley

Intro: F Gm Bb C (2X)

Verse 1

F               Gm    - Am
Who is there like You
                    Bb                 F
And who else would give their life for me
      Gm               C-Csus-C
Even suffering in my place

Verse 2

F                 Gm   - Am
And who could repay You
          Bb              F
All of creation looks to You
             Gm                   C-Csus-C
And You provide for all You have made

     So I'm lifting up my hands
     Lifting up my voice
     Lifting up Your name
     And in Your grace I rest
               Gm              C
     For Your love has come to me
                 F- C
     And set me free

     And I'm trusting in Your word
     Trusting in Your cross
     Trusting in Your blood
     And all Your faithfulness
              Gm               C
     For Your power at work in me 
                 F-Gm-Bb-C, F-Gm-Bb-C
     Is changing me
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