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Paul Sanchez - Irish Boy tab

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From: Pete Rasche 
Subject: CRD:"Irish Boy" by Paul Sanchez

>"Irish Boy"  by Paul Sanchez
>from "Wasted Lives and Bluegrass"
>Intro: D-D-D-D--D-D-D-D--D-A-D
>D                                          A          D
>Well I had a drink with a friend of mine a week ago today
>D                                          A                D
>We were celebrating a month and a half too late St. Patty's Day
>       G                        D
>Well I bought im a round and he bought me a round
>        C                  A
>and the bouncer bought us another
>D                                      A            D
>What's an Irish Boy with a good family doing in the gutter?
>(repeat chord pattern throughout each verse)
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