Paul Simon - Everything Put Together Falls Apart chords

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Words & music by Paul Simon 1971

Fm7  Cadd9               
   M-m,    Paraphernalia

F7      Cm7/F             Bb
  Never hides your broken bones

    B              Bb A
And I don't know why

You want to try

   A      Am       Em         F#m     E  A E7 
Mm,  It's plain to see you're on your own

Dm7    Cmaj7 Em7        Am     Em
   Uh, huh,     I ain't blind, no

D/F               Dm/F
   Some folks are crazy

Dm7       G7              C7
   Others walk that borderline

Watch what you're doing

       Fm7      Cadd9 
Taking downs to get off to sleep

    F7           Cm7/F       Bb
And ups to start you on your way

B            Bb A        E                
After a while    they'll change your style

 E7 A    Am     Em        F#m   E  A E7
M-m-m, I see it happening every day

Dm7    Cmaj7 Em7           A    E
   Uh, huh      spare your heart

D/F           Dm/F 
   Everything put together

Dm7          G7           C7
   Sooner or later falls apart

There's nothing to it, nothing to it

You can cry

You can lie

    F7                 Cm7/F
For all the good it'll do you 

You can die

But when it's done

Bb             A              E                     
And the police come, and they lay you down for dead

    E7  A Am     Em     F#m    E    E7 A Am Em F#m7 E 
Uh, huh,  just remember what I said

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