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Paul Weller - Savages chords

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			     SAVAGES  Paul Weller
Tabbed by: Mod73

Tuning: EADGBE



Finish intro with G, then F, C in quick succession.

Main bit:


     G         Am
You're savages, he knows you are
C              Am        G
do you not think that god is looking down?
                      Am               C
On you savages, the children run, to mothers
          Am              G
you put bullets in their backs
ah cowards, can you not see
C                      Am            Em
do you not think that love is coming down?


Em                          Am
you have no gods, they have all disowned you,
Em                          Am
you have no love, so you take it out on,
people's lives in progress,
Am                                       G
that's what keeps you going when you're savages


(Same chords used over again)


savages, you can dress it up,
give it a name and a fancy uniform
and a flag to fly to hide behind,
can you not see the truth that's on the ground


you have no love,
it has all gone cold on you,
you never have, so you take it out on
those whose love is growing,
that's what you hate most, when you're savages

do you not see the love is coming down?

Thats it until next time. FIRE AND SKILL
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