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Small Personal Fortune- Wild Blue Yonder EP
Paul Weller and Steve Cradock

Intro:  D A G D A G D     x2

D   	              A          G              D        A                      G D
Collecting coal the moonlight shone before the sun in shadows 
D                 A             G         D       A                    G D
The trees at night are still in sight resting on your shoulders. 

D          A        G    D       A                    G D

D          A        G    D       A                    G D
Will I love or will I long and is it for the distance 
D                 A      G         D       A                    G D
Beneath us all its true and tall, shining on to lift us 
Em              F#m         D  Dsus4  D         Em             F#m    D  Dsus4  D
Has spoken round the house                  can always find   a face 
Em            F#m    Bm               A7
but it's the tender words that I can't replace. 

D          A        G    D       A                    G D  x2

Last verse as above-

Sit you down and rest your weight your job is eternal 
To finally admit it i'm sure you can cause your small personal fortune 
Is by the side of the road and all the things your told 
Collected all the moss and hidden under the grass that your father said was yours.

Instrumental with piano  D          A        G    D       A                    G D


Srum G over drum fill and then finish with  D          A        G    D       A                    G DD

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