Paul Westerberg - Runaway Wind chords

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Runaway Wind
(P. Westerberg)

G                         Em       C   D  G 
You don't blow like the wind you were born to be
G                         Em       C      D
You die down in the trees and try and hide
G                          C              D
Will you witness the dark / all you need is a spark
C                          G              D
A cathedral of torches light the night

         C             D
On your mark / Here I am
         C             G      Em  C  D  G
IFm your spark / Runaway Wind

You trade your telescope for a keyhole
You make way for the gray that's in your blonde
Your dreams make way for plans
So you watch life from the stands
Come on I'll help you burn 'em to the ground


    F                            C
He sees you like a river deep and silent
    F                            C
And he runs to you like a shallow noisy stream
    F                            C
I see what you've become and try to hide it
    F                            D
You need someone who sees what you were born to be
 C       D
Here I am
        C             G
I'm your spark / Runaway wind

You don't blow like the breeze you were born to be
You don't know what to do with your life
The day returns to dark / the flame reurns to spark
Come on I feel I'm goin' out tonight

[CHROUS] (repeat to fade)
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