Paul Wilbur - Seven Ways To Praise The Lord chords

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Seven Ways To Praise The Lord  


D                    Em
 Sometimes when I'm feeling down
A               D
 And the devil comes around
D                  Em
 I start to make a joyful sound
     G      A  G  D 
That he cannot ig nore

D             Em
 It's a heavenly idea
A              D 
 Guaranteed to make him flee-yah
D            Em
 Perfect panacea
       A                  D
Seven ways to praise the Lord


TODAH - sacrifice of praise
YADAH - let your hands be raised
BAROUCH- with a quiet voice
    D                    D7
HALLEL - let your soul rejoice
ZAMAR - play for Him a song
TEHILLAH - you can sing along
SHABACH - shout for joy!
That's seven ways to praise the Lord


D              Em 
 Congregation gone to sleep
A                  D 
 Sermon must have been too deep
D               Em 
 Pitiful sight, but at least
        G       A  G  D 
They're all in one accord

D            Em 
 Sunday services are very
A               D 
 Much like any cemetery
D                 Em 
 Someone ought to tell them
       A                  D 
Seven ways to praise the Lord


D              Em 
 Calypso Chorus itemizes
A                    D 
 What the scriptures emphasizes
D            Em 
 Seven holy exercises
     G     A  G   D 
That magnify the Lord

D                     Em 
 So practice each one faithfully
A                      D 
 And very soon you're sure to see
D                      Em 
 That you have found a hundred
           A                  D 
Brand-new ways to praise the Lord!

GMC - Dammam
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