Paul Wilbur - Adonai chords

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Verse 1
Am             G
Lord of eternity
F                   C
mystery behind the veil
F                     C
Lord over Heaven and Earth
            G   F
God of Israel
Am                         G
Come with Your wisdom and power
F                          C
clothed in Your honor and strength
F                         C
Lord hear the cry of our hearts
come o' conquering king

B-verse 1
     F              G
And every eye will see
      Am             G
Your glory fill the sky

   Am       F
Adonai, Adonai
       C                     G
every knee will bow to you Lord most high
  Am       F
Adonai, Adonai
      C                  G
You alone are God every tongue will cry
    Am  G  F  G

Verse 2
Am              G
Here Jerusalem waits
F                  C
praises lifted on high
F                    C
Here the beautiful gates
long to see You arise

B-verse 2
       F           G
When all of Zion sings
    Am             G
Baruch ha ba ba shem

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C                   F
You are Lord over all the Earth
         C                 G
You are Lord over all the Earth
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