Paul Williams - Old Souls chords

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Old Souls
from Phantom of the Paradise by Paul Williams
Transcribed by Clive Sax

For these chords  it's neccessary to pluck rather than Strum
Though the Chord names are odd the shapes are easy. 

Chords shapes  EmAdd9     x 7x 0 7 0
               Cadd9      x 3x 0 3 0
               Am9        x 0 5 5 0 0
               EmM9/D#    x 6 x 0 7 0
               Dsus2sus4  x 5 x 0 3 0
               C#dim      x 4 x 0 2 0

EmAdd9          Cadd9 
Our love, is an old love baby
EmAdd9          Cadd9 
it's older than all  our years
                Am9                        B7
I had seen in strange young eyes familiar tears

EmAdd9                    Cadd9                     
We're old souls, in a new life baby
EmAdd9                        Cadd9 
they gave us a new life to live and learn
              Am9                         B7
some time to touch old friends and still return

EmAdd9          EmM9/D#
Our paths have crossed and parted, 
Dsus2sus4       C#dim                Am             B7         
this love           affair was started long... long ago

EmAdd9    EmM9/D#
this love survives the ages               
Dsus2sus4       C#dim                    Cadd9              
in its story       lives are pages... fill them all
May ours turn slow  oh oh oh

EmAdd9          Cadd9
Our love is a strong love baby
EmAdd9                Cadd9
we give it all and still receive
                Am9                  B7
and so in empty arms we must still believe

EmAdd9         EmM9/D#         
Old souls        last forever
Dsus2sus4    C#dim      Cadd9  G#m
so we need never fear a goodbye
      F             C
A kiss when I must go
      Bb           C                     F
no time, we kiss....... Hello!
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