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Paul Williams - Special To Me chords

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Special To Me
Paul Williams

Chords by ForestEnt

Caught up in your wheelin' dealin'
You've got no time left for simple feelin'
     E                     F#                 B
I thought I knew you but I didn't know you at all

Trapped inside your world of worry
You miss so much when you always hurry
      E                     F#                   B
Well slow down baby you'll only get hurt if you fall
Well you told me one time that you'd be somebody
That you weren't workin' just to survive
           Em                        C                       B
But you're workin' so hard that you don't even know you're alive
 Em                    C
Workin' so hard to be somebody special
 Em                     C
Not working just to survive
Well you're special to me babe but what I don't see babe
     C                             B
Is where you go once you arrive, where we go once we arrive
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