Pavement - Elevate Me Later chords

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Guitar tablature for "Elevate Me Later" by "Pavement"
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Artist: Pavement
Piece: Elevate Me Later
Instrument: Guitar
Submitter: Jar0
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Elevate me later from Pavement (Crooked rain crooked rain album), by Jar0



1st verse:

G             Am                   C
     Well you greet the tokens and stamps
              D                      G
     underneath the fake-oil burnin' lamps
            Am                    C
     in the city we forgot to name
           D                        C
     the concourse is four-wheeled shame
               D                   G
     and the courthouse's double-breast
             Am                 C
     i'd like to check out your public protests
     why you're complaining Ta!

2nd verse:

G                Am                   C
     Those who sleep with electric guitars
            D                     G
     range rovin' with the cinema stars
           Am                            C
     and i wouldn't want to shake their hands
                    D                     C
     'cause they're in such a high-protein land
                     D                       G
     because there's 40 different shades of black
             Am                        C
     so many fortresses and ways to attack
     so why you complaining? Ta!
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