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Pavlo - Adieo tab


This song consists of just two guitars. One rhythm and one melody. Here is the rhythm guitar.
This song is in key of C#m and follows the C# minor scale.

Here is the picking for the chords:

C#m             G#m            F#m             C#7  
e|---44---4---| |--44---4---| |---22---2---| |------------|
B|---55---5---| |--44---4---| |---22---2---| |---66---6---|
G|------------| |-----------| |------------| |---44---6---|
D|------------| |-----------| |------------| |------------|
A|-4----------| |------6----| |-------4----| |-4----------|
E|------4-----| |-4---------| |-2----------| |------4-----|

E                B             A              F#m7  
e|------------| |--77---7---| |---55---5 --| |---9--9---9---|
B|---99---9---| |--77---7---| |---55---5---| |---10-10--10--|
G|---99---9---| |-----------| |------------| |--------------|
D|------------| |-9---------| |------------| |--------11----|
A|-7----------| |------9----| |-------7----| |-9------------|
E|------7-----| |-----------| |-5----------| |--------------|


Main:   x2  
C#m x4
G#  x2
F#m x2
C#m x2
C#7 x1 then fill
F#m x2
Three strums on G#
Three strums on G#

Bridge: x2
E   x2
B   x2
A   x2
C#m x2
E   x2
B   x2
A   x2
C#m x1
One Strum of G#

Repeat Main once and Bridge twice

Breakdown (non-stop strumming):
A  B  A  B

Rythimically: x2
C#m  B  C#m  B
 A   B  A    B

End on C#m
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