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Paxton Tom - The Party tab

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I play got these myself, wasn't very hard. Hope you enjoy.
(Personally, I play the power chords.)
Let me tell you what I do when my day is over.
After picking the right clothes for about an hour.
Oooh, I'm turning orange from all the carats around my neck.
               C                             B
Tonight, I'm takin' out the bling and I'm dressed to impress.
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I'm gettin' ready for my night out on the town.
I'm lookin' hot cuz you know we are holdin' it down.
Rockin' high-tops and sayin' no to stilettos.
                C                          B
'Cause I might get drunk off my ass and I don't wanna fall.

Let's get this party started right,
Let's get drunk and freaky fly,
You with me so it's alright,
We gonna stay up the whole night.

Let's get this party started right,
                            C                       B
Let's get drunk and freaky fly (aaah-ah-ah-aaah-aah-ah-ah-oowwhh..)


As soon as I find the bloody riffs and fills I'll be sure to include them.
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