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Peace - California Daze tab

Peace - California Daze

Tuning: Standard



Repeat this for the intro and the Verse (i.e. from "Here's one for the diamonds in the 
dark" until "and all the feathers feeling blue") then...


Bm                         E (on 7th fret)
Oooooh she tastes like sunlight

               Bm                         E (on 7th fret)
and she's always gonna be there in the back of your mind

Bm                       E (on 7th fret)
Oooooh is there time to rewind?

         C#m                    F#m
were you born to live or born to die?

Bm          A                 E (normal)
forget and forgive, there's a place you can live

Then back into the verse as before! All the rest is pretty much the same although I 
haven't worked done the solo or anything, hope this helps! Any comments/queries feel free to ask


Sam Davis
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