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Pedro The Lion - Progress tab

Just a note- the chords listed may be alternate fingerings, bar chords, or "power 
(for example D = D5) but i've just written the basic chord sequence.  Shouldn't
be too to determine what form a certain chord comes in.  but the going from G to
Gm is most easily done with the bar chord.

D               Gm
Here we have a dust free dining set


   D             Gm              D D-C#-C-C#-D
we guarantee it won't collect a speck

G               Gm          D       A    Bm
freeing up the children to instead grow into your molding

D   A       Bm               E                           A
  heed more of your scolding, go early to their new self-making beds

D                       Gm
it seems like you'd be tired of losing face


           D                   Gm              D D-C#-C-C#-D
like you'd want to put the children in their place

    G                 Gm          D   A     Bm
the more you have to tell them to do their chores

    E                              A      A7
the more you run the risk of being ignored

Em               D                  A
if you're lucky they'll turn out as good as you

    Em                     D                 A
you tell them that they're good kids but you know that it's not true

     D              F#m                Bm          G
your father drank a little, you're on liver number two


D               Gm
progress has a way of feigning ease


D                   Gm             D D-C#-C-C#-D
convenient new inventions beg and tease

    G              Gm           D      A       Bm
for though it is impossible to cure a husband bent on cheating

D      A  Bm             D    A           Bm
  the oxygen depleting...  a child who's always bragging

D    A        Bm
  a wife's persistent nagging

E                                    A  A7
we're equipped to live as though it were

(repeat "if you're lucky" part)

end on D
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