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Pencey Prep - Llyoyd Dobler tab

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G           D           Em
Why are you so far away?
G    D                    Em
Even when you're standing next to me.
G    D             Em
Your eyes give you away.
G       D                 Em          C
Telling secrets wehn your mouth don't feel like talking.

Here's the other guitar in the backround(similar in the chorus, but it's piano and I 
figure it out):

D    C                  G
 And I'll be your Lloyd Dobler.
D       C                  Em
 With a boombox out in the street.
D    C                    G    D   Em  C
 And I'll be there if you need someone
D    C           G   C
even if he isn't me.

Lying in your bed
as lights dance across the ceiling.
And I listen to you breathe
Toss and turning in your sleep
And I wish that you'd believe...


Verse(no lyrics)

There's a Normal Rockwell painting.
Kids sitting on the bench.
It reminds me of all the stupid things
I'd like for us to share but  I don't care.
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