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Pendulum - Encoder chords

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Made a version for the capo users and with some small changes + added the electric 
guitar tab

Capo on 3rd Fret

G - D - Em... [x4]

Em            G          C
You couldn't even show yourself out
Em          (G)            C
You were so held up by your thoughts
Em       (G)          C
Along the way we got divided
Em           (G)            C
And I'm left showing you the door

You couldn't look me in the eyes
So I'll dim the lights
         D                    G
When you take me, out on your side
      D                G
We’re spinning, out of sight
  D                     G
Believe me, I'm on your side

Em         (G)           C
It took so long for me to speak up
Em         (G)             C
It was the hardest thing to say
Em    (G)            C
Taken right up to the entrance
Em          (G)           C
At the last minute turned away

Just can't look you in the eyes
So let's dim the lights
      D                      G
Get a case out, pack up your pride
     D                  G
It's over; We're out of time
   D                   G
Delete me, I'm on your side

G - D - Em

Capo on 1st fret

Em - C - G
Em - C - Em-C-G

electric guitar goes:
                     (pull on the
                      string here )

e ----8-8-8-8-9-9-9-9-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11------|----8-8-8-8-9-9-9-9---9/8-----|
B -------------------------------------------------|--------------------------9---|
G -------------------------------------------------|------------------------------|
D -------------------------------------------------|------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------|------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------|------------------------------|

Em       C                    G
For everything that could have been
Em      C                G
Well at least we took the ride
Em         C              G
There's no relief in bitterness
Em     C          G
May as well let it die

Em - C - G...
Em - C - Em-C-G...
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