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Pennywise - Broken tab


INTRO: Use power chords. Try using the part in  parenthesis. It
sounds fine either way. Its easier  play the C chord at the 8th
fret of the E string.
       -=slide   x=scratch Listen to the song to know what I mean.

PART 1 : A    E-C  E-D D-D#       (repeat)
         A    E-C  E-D D-D#-E
PART 2 : AxxxAxxxAxxx C D         (repeat)
         AxxxAxxxAxxx C D D-D#-E


A                                  C          (E-)D  D-D#
been stuck on the outside since I can't remember when     
A                              	     C            D D-D#-E
got up just long enough for them to beat me down again
they crawl inside my mind hoping there to find ways to 
      C      (E-)D     D-D# 
be fucking with my head 
they'll never get the best of me I'm 
          C               D  
fighting back until I'm dead cause I've been


A           C                D               
used been abused I've been bruised I've been 
A               C         D          
broken and I'm back up against the 
A            C         D                 
wall but my will to survive can't be 
A           C         D       A
stolen and you can't make me fall


VERSE 2: same chords

half wits and dim pundits are trying to ruin my good name
parents and therapists tell me I'm the one to blame 
they say take it like a man but I can't understand why 
they won't leave me alone 
best friends and enemies think I'd do better on my own 


SOLO: I would be quite impressed if anyone could figure it 


when I think I can't go on just wanna stay home in my bed
the problems of this fucked world collecting in my head
I take a look around and there's no where to be found
somewhere to justify my life
I guess I'll just keep on trying and someday I'll get it 


tabbed by daniel p. email
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