Pepper - Boot tab

Pepper - Boot
Album - Kona Town
Great song, and very fun to play. Think that the last part is wrong though, but I
had a hard time figurin it out.
If you figure it out, lemme know and I'll change it. (:

Standard tuning

e ----------------------------------------------------|
b ----------------------------------------------------|
g ----------------------------------------------------|
d ------------------------------6-4-2---------6-4-2---|
a ----6-4-2----------6-4-2---4---------4-444----------|
E -4----------4-444-----------------------------------|

e ---------------------------------------------------|
b ---------------------------------------------------|
g --------4-3----------------------------------------|
d --------------------7-6----------------------------|
a -6-666-------4-444----------6-4-2------------------|
E -------------------------4----------4-0-2-6-4------|

Not 100%, but pretty good I think.
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