Perfume Genius - All Waters chords

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Perfume Genius - All Waters
Found on their second LP 'Put Your Back N 2 It'
In the key of E.

Straightforward progression - chords are a higher position/octave after 'crowded 
street'. Happy playing!

Tab by Lachlan Wyllie

A, B, C#m

A, B, E

A        B       C#m
When all waters still
A             B        E
And flowers cover the earth
A          B      C#m
When all trees shivering
A             B               E
And the dust settles in the desert

A           B          C#m
When i can take your hand
A       B        E
On any crowded street
A             B      C#m
And hold you close to me
A        B      E
With no hesitating

A, B, C#m
A, B, E
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