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Perfume Genius - Mr Peterson chords

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A very nice song. A note to beginners, the chords might seem unfamiliar, but 
they're just the standard bar chords moved to a different key, you can change the 
chords into more familiar ones if needed. Enjoy.

Ab           Bbm      x 4

Bbm     x 2

Ab           Bbm
My work came back from class

Ab         Bbm
With notes attached

Ab             Bbm
Of a place and time

Ab             Bbm                      Bbm
Or how my body kept him up at night

C#              Ab          C#          C#
He let me smoke weed in his truck

C#              Ab        Eb            C#
If I could convince him I loved him enough

Enough, enough, enough, enough

Ab           Bbm

Ab           Bbm

Ab           Bbm
He made me a tape of Joy Division

Ab                  Bbm
He told there was a part of him missing

Ab            Bbm
When I was sixteen

Ab              Bbm                     Bbm
He jumped off a building

C#     Ab   C#                         C#
Mister Peterson

C#              Ab        Eb           Eb
I know you were ready to go

I hope there's room for you up above

Or down below.

Ab           Bbm

Ab           Bbm          x 6

Bbm     x 4 (fading)

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