Pernice Brothers - Amazing Glow chords

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Artist: Pernice Brothers
Song: Amazing Glow
Album: Discover a Lovelier You
Tabbed By: Jeff Andonuts
Capo on 2nd fret.

A rare and wicked skill
Am            G
to change the light or weather
F           C
No room was spared
F                G
No mood shown her mercy

I was a tireless fool
Am          G
I thought I could do better
F         C               F
I left in flames, a paper shade
Hanging from a light

And when it came to
The wrecking ball
She swung it effortlessly
Like it had no weight at all

Am                      Em
And when it came to the victories
F                         G#
The genus name of all the flowers
That were feeding off her 
 F      Em    G
amazing glow
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